From routine physicals to coordinating treatment for ongoing illnesses, NeighborMD is here for you. Explore our range of services below.

Primary Care

Like having a friendly, trusted neighbor who's your go-to for all your basic health needs and check-ups.

Physical Exam

Where healthcare pros can keep an eye on your well-being and spot possible health concerns ahead of time.

Lab Tests

Provide accurate results and peace of mind, helping you and your healthcare team make informed decisions for your well-being. .


Safeguarding both you and your community, ensuring everyone stays healthy and safe.


Provide you with detailed, compassionate care, offering valuable insights into your health..


We bring healthcare to your doorstep, ensuring convenient and personalized medical consultations from the comfort of your own home.

Preventive Care

We're passionate about working proactively to keep you in the best of health and well-being.

Pharmacy Services

Offering you convenient access to medications and expert guidance, ensuring your healthcare needs are met with care and efficiency.